Unable to open idea when I add this plugin

Hello.My idea version is 2023.1.4. I add this plugin from both jetbrains market and from disk witch I download from website. Then, I can’t open idea. nothing error info. and something useful message. Only has a idea log and a black window. So,what can I do for solve this problem?


Thank you for contacting Diffblue Support. You might not be aware, but a new version of Diffblue Cover is released every two weeks. Each new release has needs to be supported by the latest IntelliJ release and a few versions backwards. It appears that you need to upgrade your IntelliJ version to a 2023.2.1 or higher. This is indicated in our documentation: Prerequisites | Diffblue Docs

Normally, installing Diffblue cover plugin on an unsupported IntelliJ version should not break it but if you feel this is the case, please follow this recommendation to eliminate our plugin:

Please let us know if you need more help with this issue.
Kind Regards,

Hello again,
Your IntelliJ version should be supported as it is, so not need to upgrade. Sorry for the confusion. There is yet another aspect we would like you to check. Do you use a 3rd party theme such as those listed here?

Many thanks, and kind regards,

Yes,you are right.I use idea official new theme now, not the 3rd theme.But the reason also is the theme, i switch the classical theme, the plugin is work normally.