I have installed diffblue plugin to intellij version 2023.04.01

When i’m trying to generate diffblue test case first two step preparing and checking environment is completed successfully, but diffblue is not executing last step writing tests.

Could you please help on this

Hi @karan_sisodiya
Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear you have not been able to write unit tests with Diffblue Cover yet.
From the description you’ve provided, I’m not clear on the versions of software you are using. Version 2023.04.01 of Diffblue Cover is quite old (we create a new release every two weeks). If you are using this, I recommend updating the IntelliJ plugin to the latest available via JetBrains Marketplace.
FYI, the IntelliJ versions supported are currently 2023.1 and 2023.2 (2023.3 will be supported soon after it becomes available). Please see the Diffblue Specs & Reqs page for full details of prerequisites.
If you are still unable to write unit tests with Diffblue Cover after making sure the software is up to date, please send us your Diffblue support log file (feel free to email via support@diffblue.com if you prefer not to send it to this forum).
Best regards
Peter Sear @ Diffblue