Not able to create tests using diffblue plugin as I get some issues in checking environment.I cannot see fix issue button/fix issues button to fix the issues in IntelliJ

Hi @Sindhu

Thank you for trying Diffblue Cover and reaching out - for reference the fix build button should be to the right of the dependency that is giving the error or warning, like below:

Your case is interesting as Cover seems to find a version of JUnit Jupiter, still throw an error, and not give you an option to fix the dependency. I believe it is likely that you see this behaviour because of an older version of Cover, or the project not being built. Therefore, I would recommend ensuring you have the most up to date version installed - see guide on how to update here (please ensure to have an up to date version of intelliJ too; either 2023.2.x or 2023.3.x) Also, try reloading the project with Maven to ensure that all the dependencies are recognised.

I hope that helps!
If neither of those improve the behaviour please send us a support log file and we can dive deeper into the cause of the issue - see guide on finding the support log file here.

Kind regards,

Jane @ Diffblue