No Error but No test generated after environment check

DiffBlue doesnt give any error in user.log or support.log file but simply ends after checking environment. It says - Healthcheck completed and found no issues. It stops right there and doesn’t goto “Writing Tests”.
What could be the issue? It was working fine some days back.

Using Java 11. In last couple of days, had issues with multiple Spring version, which I resolved.

Hi aman,

Thank you for contacting Diffblue Support. We would need more details to solve this issue and the support log file would help here. Do you see a Summary of the dependencies found such as Java, JUnit, Spring and Mockito version? Are you running Diffblue Cover using the the IntelliJ plugin, or the CLI version? Is your project built? Are your callable methods found and listed?

Kind Regards,

Hi Cristian,

Thank you for your response. I am using plugin with Intellij After running the DiffBlue cover I see summary as : Junit 4.13 and Mockito 4.5.1. I attached support.log after masking some details which wont be relevant for resolution.
maskedSupport.log (22.4 KB)


Hi Aman,

Thank you for your log file. This is probably due to the fact that you used a time-limited license which expired. Someone from Diffblue will contact you through email.

Kind Regards,