Writing tests is not start for IDEA plugin

I am using IDEA 2021.2 with diffblue plugin. After preparing and indexing successfully, it’s not start to write tests, and the writing tests icon is gray with no logs showing

Hello @caps

Thank you for contacting Diffblue; I am sorry that you are facing this issue

A description of the icons can be found here: Testability and activity icons | Diffblue Docs

Which icon are you seeing? Is it the “Not directly testable” icon? (the flask with a strike through it)

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Matt @ Diffblue

Hi @Matt ,
I mean the icon of Diffblue Cover in IDEA console.
Prepare phase marked success
Index marked success
But for ‘Writing Tests’ is never start and show as gray

Hi @caps

Thanks for the explanation - please could you send us the plugin logfile so we can investigate further? Information about finding the file can be found here - Log file | Diffblue Docs

Thank you for your patience

Matt @ Diffblue

Hi @Matt ,
logging details as below:

08:58:00.292 [WARN][sentry-pool-10-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed
09:13:51.557 [WARN][sentry-pool-11-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed
17:37:45.723 [WARN][sentry-pool-1-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed
17:39:15.906 [WARN][sentry-pool-2-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed
17:41:12.892 [WARN][sentry-pool-3-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed
17:42:37.810 [WARN][sentry-pool-4-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed
17:43:18.178 [WARN][sentry-pool-5-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed
17:46:18.237 [WARN][sentry-pool-6-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed
17:46:37.432 [WARN][sentry-pool-7-thread-1][c.d.i.p.r.e] Sending report failed

Do we have a solution to this, because I’m still facing this issue. indexing completes and then nothing happens.
Java version being used is 1.8.0


attaching log file below :
cover-plugin.log (52.8 KB)

this issue now stand resolved for me. It was occurring coz my project was using java 16. You can check the same using “printenv | grep JAVA_HOME” and then updating java to required version.

Hello @Glynes_Dsouza

I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I am glad you managed to sort out your environmental issue. Please let us know if you have any further questions - we are always happy to help

Kind Regards

Matt @ Diffblue