Exceeded license limitations: You have exceeded the limit for your license

Unable to use blueDiff license , even with class and method level

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Hi Omit,

Thank you for reaching out
So I understand at the moment when you try to click to write methods using the IntelliJ plug-in, there is a message to say you have exceed your license limitations?
Have you managed to get tests from Cover previously?
It would be useful too to see the support log file too so we van have a look into why you are seeing this behaviour.

Kind regards,

Jane @ Diffblue

I have the same problem. I even tried to use and activate the Teams Edition trial license key. Both the Community Edition and Teams Edition activation was successful, however I still get the same error: Exceeded license limitations: You have exceeded the limit for your license

Thank you for letting us know @Marek_Soska

We are currently looking into this issue, I will keep you both updated on our progress.

Thank you for your patience,
Jane @ Diffblue

We have located and fixed the issue now - you should be able to use Cover to write tests for you. Please let us know if you are still facing issues.

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue

Generating tests now woks fine, thank you for fast response.

Hi @Jane_Walls,.
I have been experiencing the same issues since yesterday, and it does not seem to be resolved for me.

Hi @cpierce

I’m sorry to hear you’re still facing an issue
The previous issue was being caused by a complication in LicenceSpring (the service we use to manage licenses), which was resolved - so I want to confirm this is the same issue that you are facing.
Can I ask is it still persisting? If so, can you please describe what you are doing to see the same behaviour?

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue