Exceeded license limitations, fresh installation

I just installed Diffblue Intellij plugin and activated community edition.
While trying to create first test case it is showing error of Exceeded license limitations.
Community license activated.
Attaching screenshot for the same.

Help me to resolve the issue.

Hi kurbhatt,

Thank you for your message. This is a temporary issue with the third party service which Diffblue uses. We will be back with updates once this issue is fixed.

Kind Regards,

Hi kurbhatt,

It was reported that the licensing issue is now solved. Please try again and you should be able to use Diffblue Cover normally, up to the daily limit allowed by your license. Of course, don’t hesitate to leave a new message of any problem appears.

Kind Regards and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Yes as you said, it started working.
Diffblue makes miracle and save lots of time we just need to feed test data and mock data only.

Thanks for offering such a useful product.