DiffBlue does not detect 17 as Java Version

Hi i get the following error when i try to create a test

Unsupported Java version: Unidentified Java versions are not supported. Please use Java 8 Update 161+, Java 11 (but not version 11.0.7) or Java 17.

But i declared Java 17 in the pom.xml



Also Language Level in Intellij is set to 17(Not Preview !) and JDK is set to OpenJdk17

Hi @arnzel

Thank you for your question; I see you say you are not using Java 17 preview in language level, but could you check the SDK is not a preview version please? Please could you make sure it is the latest Java 17 SDK.

If this does not work please could you provide the log file and we will take a look? Instructions explaining how to locate the logfile can be found here Log file | Diffblue Docs

Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments; we are always happy to help


Matt @ Diffblue

Hi Matt i tried with latest Java 17 version(not preview) and it still does not work. To which email can i send the log ?

Hi @arnzel

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly - please could you email the logfile to support@diffblue.com; we will cross reference the support case to this conversation. Please could you also send a screen grab of the IJ project settings page?

Thank you once again

Matt @ Diffblue