phaserConfig.json not valid

Hi everyone, I just getting started with the community edition of diffblue on IntelliJ Ultimate edition and I can’t generate test.

When I launch the creation of a test, I have this message just after the environment is checked

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi Seb,

I am sorry that you are hitting an issue; we will do everything we can to help - can you provide me with the version of the IntelliJ plugin you are using please as well as the JDK version you are using too?

Also have you restarted IntelliJ after installing the plugin?



Hi Matt, thanks for your support.

I’ve been already restart IntelliJ after installing.

Here are the requested items :

  • Diffblue intelliJ plugin version 2020.10.02-eval

  • JDK version 1.8 (1.8_261)



Hi Seb,

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly - I have spoken with our dev team and this error is incorrectly causing us to exit; this is already fixed in out 11.01 release which is due out on Tuesday next week.

I am really sorry for this; it is great that you are trying out our plugin and we would love you to upgrade next week and let us know how you get on

If you have any other questions or comments in the meantime please don’t hesitate to shout - we are here to help

Thanks once again