Bug: java 11.0.7 is not java 11

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15:23	Unsupported Java version
			Unidentified Java versions are not supported.
			Please use Java 8 or Java 11 (but not version 11.0.7).

15:23	Diffblue Cover encountered an error while writing tests: Environment checks failed, please address logged errors

White horse is not horse, and java 11.0.7 is not java 11.
Pretty interesting but I think you should fix it.

Well, if you guys be too busy to fix,
just show me the code and I can fix it for you, for free.

Hello @XenoAmess

This is a limitation of the Java JVM not Diffblue Cover

JVM 11.0.7 has a regression that makes it unstable causing it to regularly crash - this is a well known issue in Java 11.0.7 and has since been fixed in newer versions of the JVM. Diffblue therefore does not support this specific version of Java as there is no workaround.

Please upgrade or downgrade Java to a supported version

Kind Regards,

Matt @Diffblue