Biffblue not working with java 17 or later

I am working on a spring boot v3 project, using maven and java 17 SDK. i installed the Diffblue cover. it gave me 2 errors I should degrade the (JUnit.engin) and the java SDK 17 version is not compatible. any fix?

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Hi @arif
Thanks for using Diffblue Cover and getting in touch.
Spring Boot v3 support will be added to the product in the future.
The supported versions of various components (including Spring Boot v2) are listed here:

Keep an eye out for v3 support and let us know if we can help with anything else in the meantime.
Note also that the tool can be used with Java 17 projects, although not all features specific to that release, e.g. Records (which we are working on), are currently covered.
Peter Sear @ Diffblue

I appreciate your feedback. I am a junior programmer and looking forward to diffblue patches and upgradation. it did not work for me, However, it seems a great nice tool.

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