Unable to activate Community free Edition in Intellij 2023.2

I have IntelliJ IDEA 2023.2.5 (Ultimate Edition) and i am trying to activate diffblue community edition 2023.2 , getting below error.

Diffblue Cover Community Edition requires an active internet connection with access to https://licensing.diffblue.com, and https://api.licensespring.com to authorize use of the plugin.
We cannot access one or more of these servers. This may be due to lack of an active internet connection, or a firewall, or there are some other security mechanisms blocking this connection.
For more detailed information on troubleshooting this issue see: https://docs.diffblue.com/knowledge-base/troubleshooting/network-connections/
Otherwise please contact Support | Diffblue.

I have active internet connection and no other issues with network, Can you help me with this? I have even tried to work with community edition 2023.1 in IntelliJ 2023.1 version and still the same.

Thank you!



Having an active internet connection is not enough – your firewall may be blocking you.

Try these troubleshooting steps: Online license activation - Diffblue Documentation