Problem with community license activation

Hello ,

I have the following problem when activating the community license, I get the following alert:


I’m using
ubuntu 22 liters
IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1.5 (Community Edition)

I do not know the reason for the connection error, if a proxy or any configuration is required to be able to

Hi @Jhony_Sarria ,

Thank you fore reaching out - this issue is often caused by corporate poxys. Our community license requires access to the following sites for license checks:

Please check if you have access to these sites on your device.
Also, I would recommend to check the connection to these sites through IntelliJ. This can be done in the IntelliJ settings via Appearance & Behaviour > System Settings > HTTP Proxy > Check connection, then paste the links individually to check the connection to each site. See IntelliJ docs for more information here.
We have a full troubleshooting guide with more advise on getting round license server connection issues - see here.

If you are still seeing this issue after following the troubleshooting guide, and ensuring you have access to the above links; please send the support log file. This will be helpful to get more information about license exception that is occurring.

Please let me know how this goes, and if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Jane @ Diffblue


Follow the instructions and validate my ide, I do not have any proxy and the ide connects correctly to the urls



what should I do


i wait yout anwers

Hi @Jhony_Sarria

Following investigations from our engineers; it is likely that the issue is caused by a sysadmin setup from your internal IT team that prevents reading information needed for machine identification. This information is necessary for activating, and using our Community Edition and Teams licensing which recognises devices.
To be able to activate Diffblue on your current device; you need hardware agnostic licensing, which doesn’t require identification information on your device. This is available as part of our Enterprise plan - I would recommend talking to our accounts team to discuss this further (contact here).

If you are using Cover for your personal use; you can try to activate the community edition on a personal device which will have less strict sysadmin policies, and therefore not have the issue.

Kind regards,

Jane @ Diffblue

Brother, is it solved, I also have the same problem