Diffblue IntelliJ plugin failing to create tests

Test creation is throwing below error irrespective of JVM you choose. Any suggestions?

// Reason: R026 Failed to create Spring context.
// Attempt to initialize test context failed with
// org.mockito.exceptions.base.MockitoInitializationException:
// Could not initialize inline Byte Buddy mock maker.
// It appears as if your JDK does not supply a working agent attachment mechanism.

// com.diffblue.cover.sandbox.execution.ForbiddenByPolicyException: to access files outside the temporary directory (file ‘/var/folders/44/tcsgg5px1g5_jd8jfkhlchb40000gq/T/.attach_pid2191’, permission ‘delete’)
// at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkDelete(SecurityManager.java:1007)
// at java.io.File.delete(File.java:1047)
// at sun.tools.attach.BsdVirtualMachine.(BsdVirtualMachine.java:95)
// at sun.tools.attach.BsdAttachProvider.attachVirtualMachine(BsdAttachProvider.java:63)
// at com.sun.tools.attach.VirtualMachine.attach(VirtualMachine.java:208)
// at net.bytebuddy.agent.Attacher.install(Attacher.java:106)
// at net.bytebuddy.agent.ByteBuddyAgent.install(ByteBuddyAgent.java:608)

Hi japan,

Thank you for raising this - this should be fixed in the next release (2022.07.02), which comes out some time next week. So once the release is out; please update, try again, and let us know how you get on

Thank you,
Jane @ Diffblue