E202 on a m1 Mac

Hi, I downloaded the latest Intelliji plugin and got E020 when i tried to run it on my m1 Macbook pro. I was wondering if the m1 chip is supported? Thanks.

Hi there, we are currently in the process of validating cover on M1. We have encountered a couple of minor issues but nothing serious. These issues go away when using Rosetta (but things run a bit slower) so it’s probably worth trying that until we can officially support M1.

Hi @chopper

We now fully support M1 - please could you try again and let us know how you get on?

Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments, we are always happy to help


Matt @ Diffblue

Hi @Matt ,

I’m in process of evaluation your product, and I can’t create a single test on my m1 mac.

Server command-line: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/zulu-8.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java -XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions -Xms128m -Xmx750m -Dsun.io.useCanonCaches=false -Djdk.http.auth.tunneling.disabledSchemes="" -Djdk.attach.allowAttachSelf=true -Djdk.module.illegalAccess.silent=true -Dkotlinx.coroutines.debug=off -Xmx2048m -Dsplash=true -ea -javaagent:/Users/<>/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/IdeaIC2021.3/plugins/diffblue-cover-ij/lib/launcher-2022.06.01-shared-jar.jar -Dlogback.configurationFile=/var/folders/4v/hxt3ny1j7hv0hcfl5wl0cdnm0000gn/T/diffblue/config/logback-remote-service.xml -Dcom.diffblue.springIsolationJar=/Users/<>/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/IdeaIC2021.3/plugins/diffblue-cover-ij/META-INF/cover-isolation-layer-2022.06.01.jar -Dcover.jar.path=/Users/<>/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/IdeaIC2021.3/plugins/diffblue-cover-ij/META-INF/cover-service-analyzer-2022.06.01.jar -Dcom.diffblue.assertionSuggestionJar=/Users/<>/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/IdeaIC2021.3/plugins/diffblue-cover-ij/META-INF/cover-service-analyzer-2022.06.01.jar -Dcover.main.class=com.diffblue.cover.service.analyzer.Main -jar /Users/<>/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/IdeaIC2021.3/plugins/diffblue-cover-ij/lib/launcher-2022.06.01-shared-jar.jar --service-lifespan 1800 --monitoring-service-port 65033
10:18:26.166 [INFO][pool-8-thread-2][c.d.c.service.c] Server started. Waiting up to 300 seconds for a connection to be established...
10:18:26.732 [INFO][nullmain][c.d.c.s.a.a.b] Starting new remote monitor client
10:18:27.130 [INFO][analyzer-service:main][c.d.c.s.a.a.b] Attempting to start remote server.
10:18:27.224 [INFO][analyzer-service:main][c.d.c.s.a.a.a] Server started, listening on localhost/
10:18:28.174 [INFO][pool-8-thread-2][c.d.c.service.c] Expect analyzer service to be listening on port 65047.
10:23:29.390 [INFO][pool-8-thread-2][c.d.c.service.c] Failed service start-up with critical error: ServiceConnectionUnresponsiveException: Failed to communicate with analyzer: No response after PT5M

Is there a way to get some logs from the service?
When running the command manually, it just exits 1 after ~5 seconds.

Hi Tomas,

We actually don’t support the Zulu JDK for M1 - in our testing we found that the way it is packaged potentially breaks gradle. We therefore recommend that you choose another JDK - e.g. either ms or librca



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