Any plans for eclipse plugin?

Your product sounds like a godsend as I hate writing tests, unfortunately I only use eclipse like many java devs, any ideas when an eclipse plugin might be available?

Hi @daedalus

Thanks for getting in touch; it is great to hear that you like the tool

We have been looking into supporting Eclipse; to help us with this question can I ask what is it about Eclipse that makes it appealing over IntelliJ for you?

Thanks again for your comments

Head of Product @ Diffblue

never used IntelliJ, been using eclipse since 2004, reason I use it because it is biggest open source java project in existence AFAIK apart from openjdk maybe. It has plugins for anything and everything (almost) and Enterprise Java is now run by the eclipse project as Jakarta EE after Oracle gave it up. It also makes UI java apps easier as JFace is part of eclipse, combined with a massive community supporting it and writing plugins I never have the need to look at another IDE.

Thanks for taking the time to help us understand. Eclipse is on the consideration list.