Error: Couldn't find index for module:

I am using latest Diffblue Cover Community plugin (2021.03.01) in Intellij Idea 2020.3. Whenever I try to generate test case by right clicking a class or method, I am getting below error in log

Couldn’t find index for module: Please contact Diffblue support

Please help.

Hi @anidotnet

Thanks for getting in touch - I am very sorry that you have encountered this issue. The index is a file created by Diffblue Cover for each project to tell us everything about your project.

Does the project build and run correctly in IntelliJ?

Can you also tell me the following please?

  • operating system & version
  • JDK version
  • Maven or Gradle version

We will do everything we can to get you up and running as soon as possible, we are always here to help