Intellij Cover Plugin with preflight check option

Hi u all, there’s any way of make a preflight check with the Intellij Plugin without actually run the write tests option? If the answer is no, I think it could be a good feature for the plugin.

Hi @DanielH

Thank you for getting in touch - currently, the preflight check is integrated with the ‘write tests’ option, as part of the environment checks.
We appreciate your suggestion;. it would be great to understand why you wish to be able to check the environment without clicking ‘write tests’. Can you tell me more around the situations you would find this useful?

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue

Hi @DanielH,

Thank you for your feedback, please could you help us understand the use case for this feature such that we plan it out?


Product Manager @ Diffblue

Hi @Jane_Walls and @Matt, I have a project with multiple extensions (it’s like separated by folders). Every extension has its own libraries or dependencies, so a preflight option without actually running “write tests” would be useful to check that every extension got the correct libraries or dependencies. Also, when I used to use the option “write tests” just to see the check environment, I wasn’t able to stop the writing easily. However, in the recent update (2023-10-01) (after I posted this idea), there was an UI improvement to cancel it easily.

Thanks in advance, for the follow-up to this suggestion and keep improving this tool.

Thanks Daniel,

This is really helpful, it gives us more perspective about the “what and why” :+1:

I am glad you like the cancel button - its a super simple change that we only considered by listening to users. We are making a number of usability enhancements over the coming months - it would be great to hear what you think as they are released.

Thanks again for your input