Cannot create Tests due to unexpected Analysis service Shutdown

I am trying to create tests using the intellij plugin, however they almost always fail to be created with the Outputcode R024 (see provided log file ). I know this error mostly fails due to exceeding available Ressource, but my pc is doubling all minimum requirements. Could you please help me?
cover-plugin.log (54.0 KB)

Hi @Simon_Antonischki

Thank you for raising this, and attaching the log file!

We have had a look at the cover-plugin.log file, and nothing stands out currently. So are you able to send the cover-server.log file as well - this will be in the same directory as you found the cover-plugin.log.
Also, if possible attach the source code of the class you are trying to write tests for too.

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue

Hey @Jane_Walls,

I have added the server log file as well as the source code.
cover-server.log (1.2 KB) (5.2 KB)

Hi @Simon_Antonischki ,

Thank you for sending your code - we were able to reproduce this output, and it looks like the R024 code is due to the fact you are using Java17 Records. This is not supported at the moment, and it is not something currently being worked on, but we have raised this with engineering to consider. We are always improving Diffblue Cover so keep an eye out as it could be something we support in the future.

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue