How the unit test generated based on AI?

We are evaluating the product (intellij plugins). Basically i found that it is quite good to generate the test and increase the coverage. But i would like to understand a bit more about the term “AI”. it is what the “AI” in diffblue mean that there is a trained model in plugins and it help us to generate the unit test (that mean we need to upgrate the plugins continuously so that the model will be “clever” ). Or it will learn from our source code and trained the plugins Al model as well?

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We release new versions of the plugin on a regular basis which contain the latest learnings as well as complete new capabilities - the model does not train in your environment as we need to ensure that our tests are deterministic.

The plugin uses a trained reinforcement learning algorithm to refine the test inputs to determine the best assertions


Matthew Richards
Head of Product


One more questions, May i know if the intellij plugins may work “offline” after installation? We have the concern if the plugins may export the source code to “somewhere” else which may have security concern

Yes, some other products do that. But not Diffblue: we don’t export your source code to anywhere – it stays on your machine. You don’t need an Internet connection for the plugin to work. We do collect anonymous stats to help us improve the product, and the privacy policy for that is here:

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