Data privacy : During test case generation, are the application codes/method is collected and sent to any location other than my development machine?

We would like to understand, are the application code written by the developer is transmitted out of the development machine before, during or after the test case generation?

Hi sinhapushkar,

Diffblue Cover is product which writes Java unit tests based solely on your bytecode. This is not a large language model product. It does not need training through supervised learning and thus it does not take your code out from your computer. Neither does it bring anything from internet. It is an AI - product but its algorithms relate to Reinforcement Learning.

The unit tests written by Diffblue Cover directly map your source code without any external input. Therefore, you can rest assured that your code privacy is not breached, and this makes Diffblue Cover stand out for other AI - tools. You can get more details by watching our YouTube series as for example

Please let us know if you need more help on this aspect.
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Thank you. My query is answered