java.lang.AssertionError : Can't read field logger

It is reported when i generated the unit test. Even i try to remove all the log related stuff. It still exist may i know what i need to do?

Hi @Cap_Ho,
thanks for reporting this issue.
A few questions to understand better when this is happening:

  1. How did you declare the logger field in that class? private/final/static?
  2. Which logging framework do you use?
  3. Do you use a framework for injecting logging, e.g. through AspectJ?
  4. After you removed the logging, have you cleaned and recompiled the project? Maybe there were some leftovers in the target or build directory.

Many thanks.

Hi @Cap_Ho,

We have reproduced the issue and this has been fixed in the upcoming release (2021.01.01).
Thank you for your patience.