Error when user @Resource

Dear Diffblue team,
i have error when user key word @Resource, please help me process this, you can find error in picture


Thank you for contacting Diffblue on this issue. The second image shows that Diffblue Cover wrote, what we call a skeleton unit test. The assertion is missing and this may be related to a number of reasons such as impossibility to access fields. In order to clarify the situation, please upload the support log file which you will find inside the project/.diffblue folder, if you run Diffblue Cover in the CLI mode, or on your machine inside the username/.diffblue folder if you run Diffblue Cover in the plugin version. I will also help if you provide the code for the saveDraftOrder() method and give us details about the local fields used by that method. We will then be able to help you resolve this issue.

Kind regards.

Dear Mr. cbontoiu
Due to security measures at my organization, I was unable to give my colleagues the source code. so i couldn’t provide source code, when i generate case don’t use resource, it runing, but when use @resoucse diffblue could not gen case. so i want to support for the issue.