I am facing issue while creating java test cases. How do I fix it?

Diffblue Cover failed to write a test in the test Java file. Cause: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Please enable read and write permissions on file ‘/Users/skarosia/Documents/v2_local_setup/sync-platform/service/integration/impl/src/test/java/com/zapstitch/service/integration/converter/SchemaConverterTest.java’ and its parent folder.

Hi @Suraj_Karosia

Thanks for your question - I am sorry that you are facing this issue - we will do what we can to help

Please could you detail your environment:

  • Diffblue Cover type: CLI or Plugin
  • Diffblue Cover version
  • IntelliJ version (if applicable)
  • Operating system

Please could you also provide the Diffblue Cover IntelliJ Plugin log file as per these instructions Log file | Diffblue Docs

Kind Regards

Matt @ Diffblue