How to resolve problems with R026


I use DiffBlue pulgin in Intellij IDEA ,and springboot framework version is 2.6.6

I see the test code generated by DiffBlue all with this below:

// TODO: Complete this test.
// Reason: R026 Failed to create Spring context.
// Attempt to initialize test context failed with
// See Output codes | Diffblue Docs to resolve this issue.

How to resolve this,should I init myself?

Hello @Jenius_Yang and thanks for contacting us.
Sorry you are having this issue.
You could try running these incomplete tests in Intellij IDEA and look at the output to identify the issue with those tests.
In some cases, it is possible to get around the issue by specifying Spring profile to use for the tests, which can be specified in the Diffblue settings.
You could also try to unable integration tests.

If you can send the output of Intellij IDEA for one of these tests, and maybe some example of a class which triggers the issue, we can try to help you with that.