Does not write test cases in IntelliJ for springboot applications

public List getAllPosts() {

    List <Post> posts = postRepository.findAll();
    return -> mapToDto(post)).collect(Collectors.toList());


generated a log file
Exiting service.
17:25:49.107 [INFO] [Creating] [1/1] net.udemy.springbootrestapi.service.impl.PostServiceImpl.getAllPosts
17:25:49.107 [INFO] [Creating] [1/1] Diffblue AI was unable to find a test
17:25:49.108 [INFO] [Creating] [1/1] net.udemy.springbootrestapi.service.impl.PostServiceImpl
17:25:49.109 [INFO] [Creating] [1/1] Tests created: 0
17:25:49.114 [INFO] [Reporting]
17:25:49.115 [INFO] [Reporting] Summary:
17:25:49.115 [INFO] [Reporting] --------
17:25:49.115 [INFO] [Reporting] Total: 1 method
17:25:49.115 [INFO] [Reporting]
17:25:49.115 [INFO] [Reporting] No tests created for: 1 method
17:25:49.870 [INFO] [Reporting] License doesn’t allow multiple classes
17:25:49.870 [INFO] [Reporting] License doesn’t allow creating report.json

Hi @lavanya_MATTA ,

Thanks for getting in touch.
I have a couple of questions that will help us find the cause of this output:
What sort of licence is being used here, is it the Community Edition?
Also, at which level are you clicking to “Write tests”?
Please can you upload the whole support log file for us to inspect - this can hold more useful information.

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue

yes it is the community edition and im trying to write tests in service level
user-20230420T123402.log (50.1 KB)

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Thank you for this - we have had a look, and need a bit more information.
Are you please able to send the support log file, this should be in the same folder as the user log that you have sent, and will be prefixed with support-
This file contains more details for Diffblue on why Cover’s service shutdown due to watchdog timeout.

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue