Time to generate tests

hi folks,

yester day i ran Diffblue plugin to generate some tests - nothing special.
i was surprised by the time it took to generate a few tests - if it were hard work to do,
i would expect high cpu-load. There were some short spikes, rest of the time the cpu
was rather idle. there was no other disk or network activity.
the logfile is attached - ca 20 minutes for ca 20 tests is ‘not impressing’.

support-20231015T184850.log (65.5 KB)

Hi Dieter,
Thank you for uploading the log file - this primarily looks like a side effect of disabling Sandboxing, and methods where Cover is now attempting to write tests. There are 2 key causes for the long run time from the log file that I can identify:

  1. There are a couple of methods where Cover is spending significant time on (up to 5 mins) e.g. checkEmcsPartner or updateFreistellungen. This is likely due to Cover now trying to connect to a server or network in the code, and having trouble. On these occasions Cover created skeleton tests; so I would recommend looking at the skeleton tests to see how far Cover got to complete them.

  2. There are occasions Cover is hitting an R010: Timeout; because System.in operations are now allowed. Therefore, if your code code asks for some kind of user input which is never supplied; Cover will be unable to find the input and timeout.

I hope this makes sense - let me know if you have any further questions

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue