Generated tests coverage seems to be very low always

Above 2 coverage report of tests written manually and tests generated via Diffblue cover.
Whole project was build using : mvn install -DskipTests
memory allocation is 4gb

Hi @Pallav_Kumar

Thanks for your question. We have had a look, and it is difficult to figure out what the issue is from the coverage you provided. We may need a bit more information.

Are you please able to send the support log file? This should be generated under the package .diffblue and prefixed with support- . For example, .diffblue/support-20231214… . This file contains more details for Diffblue on why Cover’s generate low coverage.

I also see that you have two different test files. If possible, could you provide some comparisons of the test code? This way we can identify the problem more directly.

Best regards,
Heng @Diffblue