@Spy or @SpyBean availibility

A spy wraps around an existing object of your class under test. Meaning: when you create a spy, you can decide if method calls going to the spy should be “intercepted” (then you are using the spy as if it would be a mock); or be “passed through” to the actual object the spy wraps around.

Do we have @Spy Capability available or in the roadmap?

Hi @etushch - thanks for your input, this is a great idea and certainly one we will look at!
It’s not currently on the roadmap and would involve interaction between existing tests and/or frameworks and the tests that we are generating. At the moment we are very focused on giving a user tests without any intervention, but in the future we may explore allowing the user to guide test creation through hints and frameworks - and support for Spy’s would certainly fit in that exploration.
It’s also possible that as we expand our mocking support that Spy’s would make more sense in certain situations than stuff we currently mock, so we will bear that in mind.
Can I ask what use case specifically you had in mind?
Hope this helps

Nice, That would be amazing