Is there a way to explicitly define the test output folder?

I have a multi module project that had been generating tests in the correct “test” folder but now instead of placing in app/src/main/test they are appearing in integration-test/src/main/java

Hi @jmjava

Thank you for raising this - if you are using the CLI you can set the location of the written tests by using the --test-output-dir option (documentation found here). If you are using the IntelliJ plug-in, there isn’t currently a way to set this.
Nevertheless, we can investigate why you saw the change - would it be possible to see a screenshot of the project structure in IntelliJ, to see this in IntelliJ click File > Project Structure > Modules > Sources > take a screenshot here.
Example below:

(The yellow box is the key information that is useful to screenshot)

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@Jane_Walls thanks so much for reply. I ended up having to re-import the project and then it worked again.

BTW - you guys have an awesome product and this support even with community version is outstanding

Hi @jmjava,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

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Thank you once again for the kind words and don’t hesitate to ask any further questions, we are always happy to help

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