E016 - Failed to connect to analysis service: 1

Cause: Failed to call newAnalysisRequest Make sure that local firewall settings allow connecting to a service at HOST:PORT.

@Matt look into the issue and kindly provide any solution

@petersear Failed to call newAnalysisRequest Make sure that local firewall settings allow connecting to a service at HOST:PORT.

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Hi @Namrata_Devhare

Thanks for creating this new thread, as discussed earlier.
Please could you send us your Diffblue support log file? This will tell us a lot about what is going on when you see this message and enable us to better understand how to help you.
It is worth checking that you have the expected resources available on the system you are using, namely:

  • 4 CPU cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 8 GB Java heap space (see Memory Management for more information)

Best regards
Peter Sear @ Diffblue

zsh: permission denied: /var/folders/w7/kj7v_11n3qx4_p0xyh5csws00000gn/T//diffblue/log
after running $TMPDIR/diffblue/log this command

using mac m1 air

@petersear not able to generate log file with this command $TMPDIR/diffblue/log

user-20231129T113104.log (32.9 KB)
uploading the log file here i hope this is what neede @petersear

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@petersear anything?

Hi @Namrata_Devhare
Thanks for uploading the log file.
From this it looks like Log4J with remote logging is configured. Diffblue Cover attempts, but does not succeed, to turn off Log4J and gets blocked waiting for a connection to the logging server. This leads to “Service shutdown due to watchdog timeout” i.e. the E016 (Failed to connect to analysis service) message you are seeing.
You should be able to work around this by turning off remote logging in Log4J (which you probably want to do during unit testing anyway). Please try this and let us know how you get on.
Best regards

hi, @petersear thank you for the prompt solution that error has been resolved , but encountering this issue Diffblue AI was unable to find a test: 1 now

user-20231129T201437.log (43.0 KB)
uploading resent log

Hi @Namrata_Devhare
Thanks for the update and the new log file.
I can see from that log file that you still see “Service shutdown due to watchdog timeout” but no longer the E016 (Failed to connect to analysis service) message.
Please could you attach the Diffblue support log file (as opposed to the user log file)? It contains more information to help our support team understand more about what you are experiencing. It’s in the same location with the same name, except that the file name contains “support” instead of “user”.
Best regards

hi, @petersear
support-20231130T124414.log (79.8 KB)
uploading support log file.

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hi, @petersear anything?

support.log (330.1 KB)
Hi, @petersear ,here is latest support log file FYI.

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Hi @Namrata_Devhare

Thanks for sharing the support log files.
I can see that you are now hitting R024: Analysis service shutdown unexpectedly for which the description is This can sometimes be caused by exceeding available resources (memory, threads, file handles, etc) or by internal errors.

I can also see that Service heap size: 1820 MB. This value should be higher.

Please see my earlier suggestion on this thread to check the resources available on your system. Diffblue Cover performs many resource-intensive actions whilst writing unit tests in a fraction of the time taken by a human developer. For this reason it should be run on a system with suitable resources. Please let me know how you get on.

Best regards

hi, @petersear not able to get that can you please elaborate i did try to expand java heap but its not helpful

@petersear Diffblue Cover discovered a mismatch in JUnit Jupiter Api and Engine versions. Because of this, you will not be able to run tests. Please make the following updates to your configuration …environment checking is getting failed bcoz of TESTING FRAMEWORK ENGINE, after adding deppendency for that still getting environment check fails

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support.log (124.4 KB)
user-20231201T000122.log (53.2 KB)
please help me with this