E016 - Failed to connect to analysis service: 1

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Hi @Namrata_Devhare

Thanks for the update and the latest support log file. I still see the JUnit dependency mismatch warning but I don’t think that is the cause of the warning you are seeing. I also see Service heap size: 1820 MB. Earlier, I referenced the documentation for how to change this. Please find below a short summary to help clarify the steps I’m suggesting.

Requirements for system running Diffblue Cover (to avoid resource issues such as R024: Analysis service shutdown unexpectedly):

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 5 GB minimum available disk space
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 8 GB Java heap allocated

How to increase Java Heap space in IntelliJ:

  • (In IntelliJ menus) Go to Help β†’ Change Memory Settings
  • Amend the Maximum Heap Size to at least 4096 (Note: this requires sufficient RAM to be available)

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@petersear T023 - Testability unknown: 1
Indicates that the testability could not be determined for the method. Diffblue Cover considers these methods as not testable. why this error ?

support.log (252.9 KB)
user-20231203T074740.log (17.3 KB)
uploading files here for your reference

@petersear can we set up a meeting for 10 mins to resolve issues?

@petersear hii please check these resent logs as well
support.log (1.5 MB)
user-20231203T113428.log (55.3 KB)

Hi Namrata
The output code that you are seeing (T023) is one of many that can be returned by Diffblue Cover to help the user understand what can be done to get more unit tests. These are not error codes but are designed to provide useful feedback on the process of writing a test for a given method. In this case, Diffblue Cover is reporting that the code in question was found to be untestable but it is not able to give a specific reason. If you think a human developer would be able to write a unit test for the method in question, please start a new forum thread for this question as this is not directly related to the original topic on this thread.
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