DiffBlue With Lombok On Class Fails with Missing Observers

When I have Lombok @Getter on the class, when I run “Write Tests” on the class in intelliJ, it will write partial tests that have missing observers. But the thing is, I can see that those observers (getters) are generated in the Target directory. Do you have to run Diffblue on the target directory, or should it be able to figure out that Lombok generates the file to be used for unit testing?

Hi @Michael_Rountree
Thanks for your question.
Diffblue Cover analyses the byte code (in the target directory for Maven) as it writes unit tests, so it is able to find Lombok-generated observers/getters. I have just tested this with the latest release of the Diffblue Cover IntelliJ Plugin (2023.08.02 on IntelliJ 2023.2.1) and following these instructions for Lombok configuration (I found that some of the steps listed as unnecessary were in fact needed). Please check that you are using the most recent Diffblue plugin.
If you continue to see this behaviour, please share the Diffblue support log file. If you prefer not to share the log file here, you can send it to us as support@diffblue.com.
Best regards
Peter Sear @ Diffblue