Not Able To Generate Test Cases For ServiceImpl Class

Hello @Matt , I’m encountering difficulties in generating test cases for the ServiceImpl class.

DiffBlue Displaying:

Tests written: 0
Cover was unable to write any tests for the reasons listed below, but was able to write 1 partial test to get you started.
Change the type of tests Cover generates in Change Settings.
Partial test written: 1
R026 - Failed to create Spring context: 1

Could you please suggest how to address this issue?

Hi @Sam_Wilson

Thank you for reaching out - the output code R026 indicates that Cover was unable to create the Spring context necessary to write an appropriate Spring test.
Before anything else, I would recommend to follow these two steps, they are the most common resolutions for an R026:

  1. Ensure you have declared any active Spring profile, e.g. “test” or “dev”, if available.

    • See the guide to declare active Spring profiles to Cover is linked here, more infromation about Spring configuration option in the Cover Plugin is linked here
  2. Check if there are any missing environment variables or system properties.

    • See the guide to configure the run configurations in IntelliJ for writing tests here

If those are present, and Cover is still not able to find the Spring Context the best way to understand why this is occurring is to look at the partial test created (located in the ServiceImplDiffblueTest class). I would recommend using the following guide to debug the partial test - link here.

I hope this helps - let me know if you have any further questions

Kind regards,

Jane @ Diffblue