Some questionable formatting in the logfile

in the logfile i found this entry - which extends far to the right and lists all methods signatures of the attempted test-targets.
however, i assume, that the programmer’s intention really wasn’t to build such a long line - he just forgot to include the proper separator character(s) between the methods.

Hi! Thank you for contacting Diffblue Support. In the log file you will always find a reference to your methods using bytecode descriptors, rather than the usual signature. Please check this thread
java - What is the difference between "descriptor" and "signature"? - Stack Overflow and also our video tutorial How to Use Custom Inputs - YouTube at 01:12 (Bytecode descriptors). As far as we can see your method is named gettAddiCaption and belongs to the package HGB.bc.addiLv1.AddiLv1DTO. It takes no parameters and return a String. After that, it is not clear what happens. Please upload your log file and we will try to help.
Kind Regards,

i dont have a problem here - it is just the impractically long message line (196)

user-20230808T163217.log (24.0 KB)