R005 - Unable to load class. WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter

R005 - Unable to load class: 66
Class: org.springframework.security.config.annotation.web.configuration.WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter Please check that the class is available on your test runtime classpath.

Added spring-boot-security-starter dependency to <scope>test</scope> in pom.xml

what else am I missing here? the class under test is a helper class full of static methods. Not utilizing spring security at all…

Hi @addijhaq
Thanks for getting in touch. Could you please provide us with a Diffblue support .log file?
To help you locate the log file please see the documentation:

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Aydar @ Diffblue

Here are the log files!

user-20231205T130610.log (40.1 KB)
support-20231205T130610.log (81.0 KB)

Hi @addijhaq
We’ve taken a look at the .log files you provided. It looks like when Cover tries to load org/springframework/web/reactive/config/WebFluxConfigurer it cannot find it in the classpath. Please, make sure that those files are in your classpath. In case if WebFluxConfigurer related classes are in your classpath, could you help us to reproduce that issue?
Please send description of your project, and methods with different implementation but repeating the same behaviour.