Cover not write whole tests for classes containing an `@Value` annotated field

I found this sentence from documents, but I can’t find the details of TG-16613
“Resolved an issue which, in some circumstances, caused Cover to not write tests for classes containing an @Value annotated field. [Ref: TG-16613]”

I encounter the similar issues.
I use these two plugins: diffblue-cover-ij-2022.07.01-2022.1 and diffblue-cover-ij-2022.08.02-2022.1
code is
private String contenturl;

url: http://content-service:9090/content/v0.1

But in UT test, the value of “contenturl” variable is “${micro-services.content.url}”, not the value in yml "http://content-service:9090/content/v0.1 "

Hi @lqq

Thank you for raising this - are you able to please attach the log file for us to investigate?

Kind regards,
Jane @ Diffblue