I got error code R005, but i could find the jar in the classpth printed by the cover-server.log

Hi, everyone, i was using diffblue to write tests and I got the error code R005.
The cover-server.log told me that loading class Could not initialize class com.test.hz.log.component.impl. LoggerCommon. But I can find the jar of class ‘LoggerCommon’ in the classpath listed in the log file.

the error code :

the classpath:

And I could write tests for the mehod ‘removeConfereeInfo’ mannully. I could run the tests by ‘mvn clean test’ successfully as well.

other useful info:
DiffBlue intelliJ plugin version 2021.07.01-eval.2020.3
JDK version 1.8 (1.8.0_171)

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi, the package of LoggerCommon appears to be that of your own code - do you know where this class should be coming from? It does not look like it’s supposed to be in commons-logging.

Hi, commons-logging.jar was packaged by myself. And the class LoggerCommon was packaged in the jar. This picture shows the external libraries of my project.

And I used my intelliJ junmp to the class ‘LoggerCommon’.